Central Oregon Mushroom Club

Welcome to the Central Oregon Mushroom Club's website!  Since our first meeting in April 2011, at least 150 people have joined our club. What we all have in common is our LOVE of mushrooms. This club is about lifelong learning and sharing what we know with others, because it takes a lifetime to understand the amazing world of fungi.  We are glad you have come to check us out and hope to see you at one of our meetings.  Everyone is invited to the meetings but our field trips and some special events (i.e. campouts and potlucks) and certain pages are members only. Please enjoy the new website and revisit frequently as we will be updating often. 

Featured Videos

"Under Pressure: Evolutionary Oddities of the Fungal World" with Noah Siegel 3/16/2023

Mushrooms of Cascadia with Michael Beug