Important Links

Pacific Northwest Mushroom Identification Page on Facebook

This is a phenomenal FB page where you can post photos of mushrooms you find and ask for an ID. Many highly respected mycologists and identifiers administrate this site. 


Cascade Mycological Society

An active and imformative club in Eugene/Springfield

This webpage is full of resources and information that is closely related to our own mushroom hunting world in Central Oregon. We often run into their members in the woods during forays. 


Oregon Mycological Society

Portland, Oregon Club


North American Mycological Society



Citizen science at its best

This is a very useful and fun app to add to your phone!  You can open the app, take a picture of the mushroom you want identified, and press submit which will give you several suggestions to the genus of the mushroom right there!  You can also submit the photo for further identification help. This app works for wildflowers, birds, trees, etc. Well worth your time to learn! 


Mycoweb site

Michael Wood's amazing ID site

This focuses on California mushrooms, but Oregon, being a neighbor has much in common with their fungi.  The site is extensive and full of resources to help you identify your mystery mushroom.  


Mushroom Expert

Michael Kuo's informative and up-to-date mushroom ID website

This is a go-to site for many of us who are trying to understand basic characteristics of certain genera.  We are planning on having Michael Kuo as our guest mycologist at NEXT October's Fungi Fest in Sunriver.